February 6, 2017

Ijen Crater / Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi

I've visited the Ijen crater twice, and I am always amazed by its beauty. Its such a beautiful place. The exhausting journey to get there will be paid off when you arrive and see the beauty of the crater.
Ijen Crater is an acidic crater lake located on top of Mount Ijen with 2,443 meters high above sea level.
Mount Ijen located between of two districts, Banyuwangi & Bondowoso (East Java), so you can reach here from both of those districts. But mostly people choose from Banyuwangi.

In fact it only takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to walk through the ramp to get over there, but I was with my children, and they always take time to stop and rest so that we arrive at the top of about 3.5 hours. From the hotel we were picked up by a local guide at 00.00 am, we set out from our hotel which is located in downtown Banyuwangi (Hotel Santika) and it takes about an hour to arrive at the parking lot (Paltuding), theres the main gate to go to the crater, so we began to climb /hike at around 01.00 am.

From Paltuding we will walk a distance of about 3 km. Initial trajectory distance of 1.5 km is quite heavy for uphill. Most of the lines are with a slope of 25-35 degrees. Besides uphill, too sandy soil structure so that adds to the growing weight of footsteps because it must withstand the weight that does not degenerate into the back. After we arrive and resting in the Post Bunder (they called post unique because it has the shape of a circle), the next track is relatively slightly sloping, besides we treated to views of the mountain range which is very beautiful.
Blue Fire
Besides the beautiful crater, in the vicinity of the crater you can also see the phenomenon of Blue Fire or Blue Flame, every morning at around 02.00 – 04.00 am . This was one of the uniqueness of this place, because the natural scenery of this only occurs in two places in the world, Iceland & Ijen.
If you really want to see the Blue Fire, so you have to start hiking earlier so you can achieve on the top on time to see the Blue Fire, because after 04.00am, you cant see it.
To get down to the crater to see the Blue Fire, you must traverse the rocky terrain as far as  about 250 meters with steep conditions. Its not easy to get closer to the Blue Fire, because of  the rocky terrain and also the  pungent smell of the sulphur. I suggest you to wear a good mask.
From the crater, we also can see another beautiful mountains scenery around, among which is the peak of Mount Merapi, which is located in the east of the crater, Mount roar, Mount Suket, Mount Rante, and so forth.
Some people like to go to the crater on midday, but mostly people and I choose to climb/hike on the midnite. Its up to you what time you prefer  to go up, but for those who wants to see the Blue Fire so you better to climb/hike in the midnite.

Enjoy your trip and have fun. 
Me & my family never get bored to come to this crater again & again. Once we have the right time we will come back again, and I ll tell you again about our journey.
Thank You For Reading !

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