January 2, 2017


OMG ! It's been so loooonnggg looonnggg time i didn't write anything.. what's going on with me ?! I'm so busy of doing this and that..uhmmm there's too many reasons along this year... 
But guys let me , my family & friends first say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to all the readers,  here comes :
A year of wonderful happiness
A year of good health
A year of great success
A year of incredibly good luck
A year of continuous fun
A year of world peace
Well guys it's really nice to share everything around, what's going on & what amazingness things that comes to me through last year (2016). 
Since last 2015,  i was commited to changed a bit about my lifestyle,  i decided to to be slimmer. I want to be slimmer, I want to lose some of my weight and lively healthier was become my resolution on the new year ( i mean that's my 2016 resolution ) !! . It was become my resolutions all through some years before, but it always failed, i never made it. I always too lazy to workout, i ate everything i want without care about the effect to my body.
And starting on the early 2016, i made a commitment to change my lifestyle ! i must to.. i have to and well..it becomes more than my dreams came true, i'm slimmer ( you can see the difference between my old post and today post ) i'm healthier ( i wish ), stronger ( i can run long, something that i couldn't ever thought that i can do, so i think i'm strong )  and yess i'm happier off course.. :)) 

If you guys want to know how i did it all and change everything ( i mean change my size ) that i also could never imagined that i can do it before, maybe  i will write a bit too long for that.. :D 
But i will tell you only in a very simple words.. what i need at the time is only : COMMITMENT !! 

Yessss only commitment that can change everything.. i controlled what i have to eat, i only eat what my body needs, not what my eyes or my mouth needs, i ate boiled food only for months, no fried food, no snacking, no sugar, no salt, no soda, no carb ( except whole wheat bread , 1 slice a day ).. and also some motivational quotes everyday to keep me stand on track.. 
Not only Diet, i also exercise everyday.. Yoga, Run and Gym.. i'm not a fast runner but i love Running and do it often :))

After about 13 months with this new lifestyle, i can loose my weight about 20Kg.. that's the achievement that i never imagined i can do it before.. but trust me when you have commited to your self, there's nothing impossible..that's about my 2016 resolution.. in 2017 i just want to keep healthy and become a better person.. 
What about you guys ? What is your resolution for this new year ? 
ENJOY 2017 everyone !! Cheerrsss...

Some of my race event during 2016, some races was 5K and 10K, and this was the longest ( Half Marathon ) run event photos through 2016 :
Finisher Half marathon at Maybank Bali Marathon 28 August 2016

Finisher Half marathon at Jawa Post Fit,East Java 1/2 Marathon,06 Nov 2016

Finisher Half marathon at Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, 4 Dec 2016

Thanks For Reading !

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