January 30, 2017

Green Bay / Pantai Teluk Ijo Banyuwangi

Hi there, today post i will tell you about one beautiful place that i visited several times ago. I will give you some review for you who will have plan to have a short trip or who searching for a holiday plan. 
Have you guys ever heard about Green Bay or also known as  Pantai Teluk Ijo which is located in Banyuwangi, East Java - Indonesia ?
This place / beach is amazingly beautiful. It has the soft and white sand with stunning scenery. Words can’t fully explain how beautiful this place is. You guys have to come and see this beauty by your own.
The white sand is warm with the greenish-colored ocean water , the exotic rock , surrounded with lush trees, makes this beach like a hidden paradise.

The name of Green Bay ( Teluk Ijo ) is taken from the color of the sea water and also the trees and mountains around the beach strengthening the green character of this place.

Green Bay located on the South Coast Banyuwangi, precisely in the District Pesanggaran, Sarongan Village. Even though you are stay in the center of the city ( Banyuwangi City ), it’s not that easy or close to reach this place. You have to drive about 90KM to go to the village where you will park your car. Me and my family went there by our car, and it takes sooooo long way to get there. Felt so boring inside the car and the road is not really good. But you can enjoy the fresh air along the way. I suggest you to visit this beach early in the morning when the weather is still fresh and cold, and also if you decide to using the boat, the sea water is still calm in the morning.
When you arrive at the park area, you have only two ways to go to the green bay. It’s by boat across the south sea or by walk about 2 KM across the mountain beside the Green bay.
I know that it’s a little bit difficult but it will pay off when you arrive there and see the beautiful scenery.
So what you waiting for ? plan your holiday or weekend gateway to visit Green Bay ( Pantai Teluk Ijo ) in Banyuwangi. You can visit this place alone, with family or friends, and sure you’ll enjoy that place and have pride that you can reach that place :D

* For your information, there’s not only Green Bay you can visit at the moment because around Teluk Ijo you can also visit Red Island Beach , National Park Meru Betiri and some other nice places.

Thank You For Reading !

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