June 14, 2014

Wild Wild West

   Top :: &Other Stories | Leather Shorts :: Zara | Boots :: Rotelli | Bag :: Louis Vuitton ( Metis )
Watch :: Michael Kors.

Location : Hungry Jeff  Resto

Hi everyone, hows your week so far ? 
Last week on 7th June, me and family celebrated a small B'day party of my youngest son. He turns to 10 and wants to have a lil party with family and some of his close friends. And what was surprised me that he wants the theme is a cowboys party ! well, i need a bit time to found the right place and the dress code :)
And here we are with the "wild wild west" style, the boys were super enthusiast with the dress code and me only have time to mix and match some old stuffs. 
Happy weekend guys, i hope all of you have an amazing moments..

Thanks for reading & wish you a fabulous day !


  1. Great shorts cowgirl, they look terrific on you and I love the color :)

  2. It must have been a nice day and a nice experience. And you had the right look ... Kisses,


  3. Really awesome outfit!

    x Angela