June 22, 2014

Orange Kate

Dress :: Kate Spade | Bag :: Michael Kors | Sunglasses :: Prada Baroque Square | Bracelet :: Alexander McQueen | Shoes & Necklace :: Zara | Watch :: Michael Kors.

Hi there everyone, how's your days so far...
It's been a week since my last post, felt soooo long and how i miss to write and share something in here but the busyness running like crazy. Well, being a mom of two growing sons is not as simple as what it look like. They have so much things to do and need so much effort and attention of a mom. The elder one have been passed his final elementary years examination and celebrated his graduation day on a couple of days ago. As a moms being, the kids need their mom more then their daddy, i have to preparing their this and that, company them every time, yelling and shouting almost all day long, but have to always look fabulous and smile in another second. Sound so tired ? nope.. i enjoy every second of it, i enjoyed the moment they make noisy, i enjoyed shouting on them while i put a make up on my face, i think it's just like i make a "face exercise" :D
Today, i having a day out with this lovely Kate Spade orange dress, and my new Prada baroque square sunnies, i love the ornate crystal embellished on this sunnies, it's looks so beautiful. You may have noticed that i am a huge fan of sunglasses, i love every kind of sunnies and i usually buy a sunglasses not because of the brand, but when i falling in love with it i buy it.
Now, i gotta prepare my family holiday ( packed some new outfit ),  we have plan to visit one of exotic place in Indonesia and i hope i can make more post to share.
Happy weekend for all of you..

Thanks for reading & wish you a fabulous day !


  1. :) :) :) :) me super encanta el vestido y las sandalias!!! Estas guapisima!! Un beso


  2. bonito vestido, collar y zapatos
    @AndreeaCarro www.MiPerchaPesa.blogspot.com

  3. Fantastic look.