May 23, 2014

Colour of the day

Top :: Jaspal | Skirt :: H&M | Wedges :: Gucci | Bag :: Balenciaga | Sunnies :: Victoria Beckham | Bracelet :: Frank & Co | Watch :: Marc Jacobs | Necklace :: Cocomia ( Handmade ).

Hi everyone, how's your days ?

Today i'm going out with some colours. Yess that's the mood of the day :)) here comes yellow on top, blue on bag, pink on necklace and wedgie and black on skirt and a lil touch of silver on my Victoria Beckham aviator sunnies. This is my 3rd Victoria Beckham sunglasses. Before it's hard for me to find an aviator sunglasses that suit my face, i felt nothing's good on me, even though i have two aviator sunnies from Ray Ban, but i'm not confident while wearing it, until a friend of mine brought me this Victoria Beckham sunnies from her holiday in Europe a month ago, i bought it from her, and can't stop to bought in another colour. I love this aviator sunnies.

Thanks for reading & wish you a fabulous day !