April 30, 2014


Photo by. Coco Photography 

Hi guys.. hope you have a wonderful time. Did i ever mentioned that i always love leopard printed ? well, ever since it become trend years ago, we knew that no one can stop wearing it from head to toe, from shoes to bags, to jacket, sunnies to dresses, everything. I even have a complete toiletries of leopard printed from small size to bigger size from Victoria's Secret. I have to admit that this is the most beautiful animal printed ever. And today, here i come with several kind of leopard prints. This all is my old stuffs which i use for so many times in my daily, nothing's new in here, it's  just about how i paired and combined it :))

Jacket :: Stradivarius | Long Sleeves Black Dress :: H&M | Clutch & Shoes :: Nine West | Watch & Sunnies :: Michael Kors.

Thanks For Reading & Wish You A Fabulous Day !