April 2, 2014

Hilton Pattaya

Main lobby on the 16th floor
Location : Hilton Pattaya 

Hi everyone, here we come again still with a post about our beautiful journey to Pattaya last week . Before it becomes too late to post, then i will share you some of our lovely experiences during a vacation in Pattaya. Who knows any of you will soon travel to Pattaya and perhaps this information is useful ;)

Well, first of all we have to thank the Hilton Pattaya Hotel which has been our home for seven days there. Yess, seven days and we even didn't want to move and roving another hotel. We love to stayed here and enjoyed this beautiful hotel and the hospitality of all the staffs. Me and the boys, we were very fond of luxurious and beautiful hotel. Sometimes for us, a beautiful hotel is more interested  than some tourist attractions. We enjoyed exploring the hotel more than a museum or  historical places..huffft. But we appreciate the people who love that place. 
 Hilton Pattaya is located in the Beach Road area , where you just need two minutes walking to go to the beach . It is located in the same place as Central Festival , a mall which is also the site of various kinds of performances held at night . Restaurants , cafes , bars and all public interests  can only be traveled by walking. Inside the Hilton Pattaya hotel , they also have some restaurant, bar or cafe that can be enjoyed with an incredible view. I love all the spots here . Edge , which is also a restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast , they had food with good taste also with the breathtaking view. Drift, lounge bar adjacent to the lobby on the 16th floor, they provide great snacks and drinks, this really a great spot to relax in the evening while enjoying the sunset, and while watching the children swim. I really like their pizza and the Cappuccino. Shore, located on the swimming pool area on the 16th floor, this outdoor pool bar, also a great spot to enjoy the sun in the morning, and very beautiful in the afternoon even at night it looks very romantic. There also have Horizon rooftop bar and restaurant, located on the 34th floor of the hotel, where we could see the most breathtaking view of Pattaya. It's really incredible scenery, we could see the sunset and at night also can see the beauty of the city lights. Note : For safety reason, children are not allowed to sit outside after 7pm. But before that we could sit outside while enjoying the view and live music. The swimming pool, no need to explain, it's a very beautiful and unique design, not too large but cozy. We  even spent most of our time there :))
The room is very modern and elegant design, each room has its balcony, so we can sit outside and enjoying the spectacular view in day or even at night. But there's no free wifi inside the room, except you want to pay for it, but there any free wifi connection available all around the hotel, so just get out of the room, choose the favourite spot and enjoy the wifi :)
Last but not least, we love this hotel !
The small lobby, the boys love plays here, so comfy and serene place.

Walk to the beach ( above ) 
Drift Lounge ( below )
Day ( above ) and Night ( below ) view from our balcony
Edge Resto ( indoor )
View from the Edge while enjoying breakfast ! ( outdoor )
Shore pool bar & swimming pool
Thanks so much for reading & wish you a fabulous day !



  1. www super!


  2. Ooh, staying at the Hilton, how posh of you! What a lucky girl you are. Hope you're doing well. Rosemary x


  3. Wow factor post love the hotel, food, the view and the cool pool. You sure know how to travel doll and your kids are adorable.

  4. oh the hotel looks amazing!♥ lovely photos!:)


    1. Thanks dear, i still learning how to take photos, you inspire me much :) xx

  5. I wouldnt want to move from there either!! what an amazing views, place, offers!!
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  6. Hello! I have just found your blog and i love it!!! These photos look incredible, extremely jealous x

    1. Hi dear, thanks so much, im so happy you love it. have a good time ! xx

  7. OMG! Amazing!

  8. I love your post,kisses.

  9. Very nice pics!!