February 12, 2014

Inspiration :: Miroslava Duma

One of my favourite fashion icon ! The fabulous Miroslava Duma ( Read Mira Duma ), former Harper's Bazaar Russia editor, current freelance writer and founder of Buro 24/7 ( Style Website ). There's no words that enough to explain about this gorgeous woman, this "little Russian", is the incredible "Streetstyle Monster" !
errr.. every time i checked out her daily looks, my tongue is suddenly freezing. My mind said : " Chic,Chic,Chic ! She's so effortless chic and classy ! why she could wear that outfits, why she's always stunning? (even though sometimes she doesn't brush her hair)" See her, she's always come out with her messy hair and still so damn fabulous ! She was born to be glamorously gorgeous, in other side she's so natural and a low profile person. What a lovely lady indeed.
I really love her every single style !
Today post i'll share you some of my favourite looks of her ( I actually love all !! ). Perhaps can inspires you on Valentine's Day.

Credit : The Coveteur 
 Photo : Miroslava Duma from many sources.

Thanks for reading ! xoxo.