August 31, 2013

Roberto Cavalli's Printeed Patterns

Eye-catching animal prints

THIS SEASON INSPIRATIONS. I caught my self for some inspirations of this season. Time to say good bye for summer and welcoming fall / winter. Even though in my country, we have summer in the whole year, but you know, fashion is always turn from one season in to another, and it has a huge serious influence for every people. What can you do when you visit your favourite boutique and you have only find out the season's collection ? Even though i can say that we ( Indonesian ) not extremely have to go outside wear a super heavy coat just like you who live in the cold degrees, but maybe our limits is on a trench or something lighter. A sweatshirt, long sleeve dress or shirt are very welcome and wearable. And let's talk about the patterns. I do totally agree with the adorable legendary brilliant  Mr.Roberto Cavalli, when he launched his Fall/Winter 2013 collections that one word i can say AWESOME !!! Prints is still ON FIRE !! 
Yessss.. just don't keep your prints collections in the box. Animal / Floral prints is -a never die- prints ever. An eye-catching animal prints / a mix colorful phyton patterns will be the hottest trends this season and a bright colors floral prints / a bright graphic patterns will be one of the coolest pattern on this season. Just make it in to your own prints / patterns and make it in to your own mix and match. This Roberto Cavalli F/W 2013 collections are deadly inspiring !

Have a great time all beauties and enjoy the seasons ! xoxo.


August 20, 2013

Cat Eye

4 ways to achieve the perfect cat eye look using gel eyeliner.

SEXY CAT EYE. Do you like cat eye liner ? yes i do. This classic look eye liner was being part of every woman's eye makeup. From celebrity to ordinary woman loves this look. I know that we have our own way to create a great cat eye on our daily makeup. Even though it looks so simple to make that line, but it needs special skill to have the best look. First, we need to always practice one by one how to make the line, maintain our constant hand ( don't shake ), using a great brush and products. You can choose what kind of eye liner which easier for you to use, pencils, creams, liquids or gels. It all can gives you a beautiful cat eye liner depend of what looks you want to have, softer or sharp. 

I use Diorshow Liner Waterproof of Dior ( in navy color and chestnut ) for my daily soft cat eye lines.
To have a bold cat eye liner, you better use liquids or gel eye liner. You can try MAC Gel eyeliner and for create a sharp, precise lines, use small angle  Eye Liner Brush
Have great time beauties. xx.